2017 NJSRA State Teams

Men Women
U10 State team

1 Oliver Bachleda  SSC 1 Lucile Kieffer MP
2 Simon Stoyanov  SSC 2 Alexis Heins  MP
3 Camden Collins  MP 3 Elizabeth Cardella  MP
U12 State team
1 Jacob Marcovici MP 1 Camille Collins MP
2 Giancarlo Goeckel SSC 2 Diana Proulx MP
3 Mariss Lauberts MP 3 Hannah Esler MP
Rudi Logel Cup Jacob Marcovici MP Diana Proulx MP
Slalom - NWAC - 2/11/2017
U14 State Team
1 Mason Shenk SSC 1 Sarah Marcovici MP
2 Sebastian Bjorkeson SSC 2 Martina Brich SSC
3 Max Longhi NWAC 3 Michele Bilko MP
Peter Loretzen Cup Chris Andersen MP Martina Brich SSC
Giant Slalom - CG 1/29/2017
U14 Fundamentals Camp - Dec. 2016 Mason Shenk SSC Sarah Marcovici MP
U16 State Team
1 Kyle Hayes MP 1 Sydney Loverich MP
2 Giavanni Bevacqua SSC 2 Jane McKinley MP
3 Brennan Chuang SSC 3 Sarah Escobar MP
Pier Family Cup Award Kyle Hayes MP Sydney Loverich MP
Slalom Award Kyle Hayes MP Sydney Loverich MP
Slalom - MP 2/26/2017
Giant Slalom Award Kyle Hayes MP Jane McKinley MP
GS - MC 2/4/2017
U19 State Team
1 Brian Smith MP 1 Caroline Scarola MP
2 Mark Mierop MP 2 Tea Brich MC
3 Andrew Sonntag IND 3 Morgan LaSala MP
U19 Giant Slalom Cup Daniel Patrick MP Mackenzie Sheehan SSC
GS - MC 2/4/2017
U19 Slalom Cup Brian Smith MP Elizabeth Borin MP
Slalom - MP 2/26/2017
Tom Hazzard Speed Cup Daniel Patrick N/A
Govenors Cup Brian Smith MP Morgan LaSala MP
Lenny Scarola Award Travis Gerhardt MP N/A
Robin Desrats Award N/A Kaila Divak TCG
Coach of the Year Tom Howes SSC
Official of the Year Bob Kluck SSC
Rookie Coach of the Year Evan Watson MP
Jeff Pier Memorial Scholarship Fund Kyla Butler MP
U14 Essay Winners Julia LaSala MP
Race on 2/18/2017 at NWAC Luca Pizzale SSC
Albert Bonardi SSC
Volunteer of the Year Ben Hunnicutt SSC

Jeff Pier Winning Essay from Albert Bonardi

February 5, 2017 My Family – A True Inspiration By Albert Bonardi – U14    Question: How have your parents helped with ski racing?    My parents have been an illustrious inspiration for me in my skiing career.  They identified my skiing abilities at an early age during a trip to Mount Snow, Vermont, and ever since they have supported my interest in this wonderful sport.  They first choose Hidden Valley as the place to learn and perfect my skiing and then moved to wonderful Mountain...
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Jeff Pier Winning Essay from Kyla Butler

How has Ski Racing Helped me in my Everyday Life? By: Kyla Butler    How has ski racing helped me in my everyday life? Skiing has helped me to focus; given me strength to handle difficult situations as well as helped me to understand responsibilities to my team, equipment, and training. Skiing has also taught me that nothing in life comes to you without hard work.  It has helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally.  When I was 9 years old, I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome...
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Jeff Pier Winning Essay From Julia LaSala

How has ski racing helped you in everyday life?    When I was a little girl on my way to practice at Mountain Creek, as we passed Dunkin Donuts I would say, “Daddy, my stomach hurts.” I said it every time. I was timid and scared. Anxiety fueled me up like a full tank of gas. “It's too steep!”“It's too icy!” These thoughts played over and over in my mind. In the second grade I went to school on average four days a week. I would throw up every Sunday night. The anxiety would...
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Jeff Pier Winning Essay From Luca Pizzale

Congratulations to Luca Pizzale for writing the winning essay, 2 years in a row!!!
Enclosed is my essay submission: Thank you,Luca Pizzale Cozy as can be, I was laying in my bed, in a deep sleep. Only my unconscious mind had control of me. Suddenly, a huge clamour smashed the delicate state that I was in. At first, I was completely unaware of what was happening. Then I opened my eyes. Bright streams of light halted all my vision. Attempting to locate the source of the light, I rotated my head...
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“The New Jersey Ski Racing Association is the governing body for USSA alpine ski racing in New Jersey. Its membership is comprised of competitors, parents, coaches, race officials, and those interested in being involved in USSA racing in New Jersey. NJSRA is responsible for qualifying races and administering state quotas for racers who want to compete in out of state events. Representing New Jersey at Eastern Region meetings, it acts as the communication link between the state's USSA ski racing clubs. NJSRA is dedicated to providing programs for young aspiring ski racers. We hold true values by instilling confidence, courage, character, and commitment to becoming the best you can. NJSRA was founded in 1980 to provide training and competition programs for young ski racers, NJSRA has over 400 kids that train with determination and passion. Many will continue with the sport through college for fun and some to even to the National level. NJSRA is also committed to growing the sport of ski racing and building awareness throughout our communities.”

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