2nd Annual Hedda Memorial Race Saturday January 11th at Mountain Creek

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Hedda Karin Camilla Sivertsson


Hedda always looked forward to the ski season and being together with her NJSRA friends, coaches and the committed ski families. As much as she loved the freedom and speed of skiing, she even more treasured the friendship within the ski community. She started skiing at the age of three and she was quick to learn and she immediately fell in love with the sport and made friends with people all over the mountain. At that time our family discovered the NASTAR program at Mountain Creek and we would race each other every weekend. Fairly quickly both Hedda and William were signed up for the Superstars program whilst her little sister Elva was still getting used to the sport. To nobody’s surprise Hedda immediately made many new friends and charmed the coaches with her wild and free spirit. Little did we know how much skiing would come to mean for our family.


As Hedda grew into racing she chiefly liked the friendship between girls and boys in a sport where boys and girls practice and race together. She also participated in several other sports and second to skiing Hedda had a liking for rugby.  It was again that team spirit, the explosive, full-of-life experience playing with both boys and girls that attracted her.


In September 2015, at the age of 12, Hedda was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a brain tumor. Through the years that followed she went through brain surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, stem cell transplant and immunotherapy. Through her tribulations she remained full of life and against her doctor’s cautions she kept on skiing during her first year of treatment.

The disease progressed quickly and bound her to a wheelchair as the tumor crushed her spine. Despite all she went through Hedda continued going to the races so she could be with her friends and extended family, and always cheering them on. The tumor never stopped her from being there for her friends, and her friends were always there for her. The race team became Hedda’s village where she belonged and where she had a bond and friendship that was strong and compassionate.


Hedda was a girl full of life who deeply cared for people and animals. Starting at the young age of 7, she and her dog Julia visited long term care facilities to give the comfort to the elderly. Sometimes her caring spirit would backfire, as when she caught a squirrel in distress that ended up biting her and requiring her to get several rabies shots. Her kindheartedness for people and animals was always with her and was always shining through.


Hedda’s own fight never stopped her from reaching out to people in need. On the contrary, she became even more compassionate for the children and families that were going through similarly awful life changing events as she did. She had the strength to carry her friends and family through the hardship she endured, and she always greeted people with a smile. Hedda’s sense of humor, curiosity, openness, and bravery, coupled with maturity beyond her young age made her connect and welcome people at all ages and different walks of life.


U16 & U19 Race Opportunity at West Mountain

NJSRA will offer two race opportunities for our U16 & U19 athletes January 18 & 19 at West Mountain in Queensbury, NY. Saturday West Mountain are hosting a SL race and on Sunday a GS race. Friday they offer gate training. 

The results from these two races are the only ones that can be brought back to NJSRA should the athlete wish to do so that will count towards post season qualification and ranking. NJSRA will use the top 4 results out of 7 possible ( 5 NJSRA events plus two races from...
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Coaches Education Confernce

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We're super excited to announce the details for our upcoming coach and parent education conference happening October 19-20 in Ludlow, VT.

Following on the success of last year's event we have raised the bar for 2019, bringing speakers from across the country and across a variety of different sports. You won't find a better qualified group of youth sports experts to help you and your program be the very best!

No matter what level of skiing you're involved with, whether you're a coach, parent,...
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U12 and under sees new equipment rules

US Ski and Snowboard announce new equpment rules for athletes age 11 and under. Iniative is meant to stem cost and introduce more children to the sport...Read article below. 

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2019 Final Standings are final and available

Congratulations and best of luck to all NJSRA Athletes who qualified to post season events at Whiteface, Gore, Sugarloaf and Gunstock. Invites have been sent out to most athletes and we have had an overwhelming response with almost 100 athletes going north over the next few weeks. We're proud of you and we know you'll represent NJSRA well.

I also want to recognize our age category chairs who have spent hours and days organizing and managing the post season ranking and event invitations. It's...
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Issues with 2019 Final Standings!

On behalf of NJSRA I'd like to apologize for the mistakes made calculating and pubishing the 2019 Final Standings and how this impacted athlete invitations to post season events. The subsequent emails notifications ref. error or lack thereof is also a learning opportunity we'll take to heart. 
We all volunteer for NJSRA for the love of the sport and last thing we want is to crush an athletes hopes and dreams. There are many lessons learned here but rest asssured going forward we will be more...
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1st Annual Hedda Memorial Race Feb 2

Hedda KW 1
Hedda Karin Camilla Sivertsson   Hedda always looked forward to the ski season and being together with her NJSRA friends, coaches and the committed ski families. As much as she loved the freedom and speed of skiing, she even more treasured the friendship within the ski community. She started skiing at the age of three and she was quick to learn and she immediately fell in love with the sport and made friends with people all over the mountain. At that time our family discovered the NASTAR...
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Level 100 course at Mountain Creek January 6&7

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Level 100 course at Mountain Creek North, Sunday January 6 and Monday January 7 from 8 am to 4 pm.

The Level 100 course is the first step in the formal education process for snow sport coaches, covering the fundamentals of sport, while also introducing the topics of long term athlete development, pedagogy, coaching ethics, training environments, effective planning and more.  


To register make sure...
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2018 / 2019 Equipment Regulations

Visit United States Ski and Snowboard for all information on the 2018 / 2019 Equipment Regulations

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McAfee Ski Shop is Ready for Winter!

Message from Team McAfee:We want to thank our NJSRA race community for a successful 2017/18 season.  It was great working with our long-term race customers along with so many new race families.   In response to this success we have continued the expansion of our race & performance offerings for this 2018/19 season !  Look for more race brands, products & in stock availability.  Our race experienced team of Tracey Hayes, Doug Sumpman, Derrick Washington, & Kurt Grimmelman along with our...
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Changes to the NJSRA 2018 Race Schedule

Please note the most recent changes to the NJSRA Race schedule as of Thursday February 22nd 2018.

The Karen Weibel Race on March 3rd, 2018 has been moved to Mount Peter Ski Area.

The U16/U19/U21 GS race on Sunday February 25th, 2018 has been moved back one week to Sunday March 4th, 2018.
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Greg Pier joins the Ski Barn - Wayne,NJ Staff

We're excited & honored to have Greg Pier join our custom boot fitting & race department in the Ski Barn Wayne location. Greg brings many years of Master Boot Fitting & race equipment experience to Ski Barn. Greg has been involved in the race community for many years & is very well respected. We're excited about our newly expanded Race Department featuring the top brands as well as a staff of ski & boot experts who several of them are former racers themselves. We will be offering seasonal...
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McAfee Ski & Snowboard

McAfee Ski & Snowboard is announcing the expansion of their Race department for the 2017/2018 season with expanded selection, boot fitting services & new staff members.  

Announcements:          Derrick Washington joins McAfee – McAfee is pleased to announce that Derrick will join the McAfee Team as a lead Boot Fitter & Ski Equipment Specialist. Derrick will play a key role in expansion of the McAfee boot fitting services, race equipment department, and performance equipment...
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FIS World Cup is coming to Killington Vermont

FIS World Cup is coming to Killington Vermont

Mark your calendar for the return of the Audi FIS Women's Ski World Cup to Killington, Vermont on November 25 and 26, 2017. Following the rousing success of its 2016 event, Killington has been chosen to host the races on Thanksgiving weekend through 2018.

NJSRA Club athletes are invited to be part of the
Sunday, November 26th, 2017.
For more information, please contact Info@NJSRA.org
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Masters Racing Come to NJSRA

Master's Racing Comes Back to NJ

For all the parents, coaches and anyone over the age of 18 that has an interest in ski racing, NJSRA is happy to announce that Master's racing will once again be hosted in our area.

Master's racing is perfect for the adult who never raced and always wondered what it is like, the ex-racer wanting to see gates again and any adult who just wants to have fun on the hill.NJSRA will be hosting two Mid Atlantic Master's GS races on Feb 24-25th at Mountain Creek (see...
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NJSRA Officials Clinics

Officials Clinics
Would you like to give back to the sport of Ski Racing? NJSRA is looking for Volunteers and Officials. Come to one of the three NJSRA Officials clinics being offered this season to get more information. 

There will be 3 Officials Clinics offered by NJSRA this season. 
2 of the clinics will be an Alpine official's intro, 2018 update, Official's review, & Referee Certification Clinic. Candidates may take any exam with the exception of Timing and Calculations.
1 clinic will...
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2017 NJSRA State Teams

2017 Men Women U10 State team

1 Oliver Bachleda  SSC 1 Lucile Kieffer MP 2 Simon Stoyanov  SSC 2 Alexis Heins  MP 3 Camden Collins  MP 3 Elizabeth Cardella  MP U12 State team 1 Jacob Marcovici MP 1 Camille Collins MP 2 Giancarlo Goeckel SSC ...
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Jeff Pier Winning Essay from Albert Bonardi

February 5, 2017 My Family – A True Inspiration By Albert Bonardi – U14    Question: How have your parents helped with ski racing?    My parents have been an illustrious inspiration for me in my skiing career.  They identified my skiing abilities at an early age during a trip to Mount Snow, Vermont, and ever since they have supported my interest in this wonderful sport.  They first choose Hidden Valley as the place to learn and perfect my skiing and then moved to wonderful Mountain...
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Jeff Pier Winning Essay from Kyla Butler

How has Ski Racing Helped me in my Everyday Life? By: Kyla Butler    How has ski racing helped me in my everyday life? Skiing has helped me to focus; given me strength to handle difficult situations as well as helped me to understand responsibilities to my team, equipment, and training. Skiing has also taught me that nothing in life comes to you without hard work.  It has helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally.  When I was 9 years old, I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome...
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Jeff Pier Winning Essay From Julia LaSala

How has ski racing helped you in everyday life?    When I was a little girl on my way to practice at Mountain Creek, as we passed Dunkin Donuts I would say, “Daddy, my stomach hurts.” I said it every time. I was timid and scared. Anxiety fueled me up like a full tank of gas. “It's too steep!”“It's too icy!” These thoughts played over and over in my mind. In the second grade I went to school on average four days a week. I would throw up every Sunday night. The anxiety would...
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Jeff Pier Winning Essay From Luca Pizzale

Congratulations to Luca Pizzale for writing the winning essay, 2 years in a row!!!
Enclosed is my essay submission: Thank you,Luca Pizzale Cozy as can be, I was laying in my bed, in a deep sleep. Only my unconscious mind had control of me. Suddenly, a huge clamour smashed the delicate state that I was in. At first, I was completely unaware of what was happening. Then I opened my eyes. Bright streams of light halted all my vision. Attempting to locate the source of the light, I rotated my head...
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