URGENT Change in U16/U18 Post-season Qualifying

Several U16/U18 Athletes and Parents reported that there was a reduction in the number of available Out of State races which they could attend to bring in points in order to Qualify for Postseason races like Finals and Championships.

The Competition Committee looked into this and saw that several races that were quite popular with NJSRA racers are not on the calendar, and some of the racers that are on the calendar serve special purposes within their Division, and so may not be accessible for NJSRA sign up, or could result in Last-Minute bumping from a race as Home Division Athletes fill it. 

Therefore, the NJSRA's Competition Committee developed a scoring system to ensure all athletes have a level playing field to be able to try and make it to the post-season.

This season, each of the three races at Mount Peter will be a run-run-race format (similar to a U14 races).
This will provide each racer with 3 opportunities at each race for a total of 9 scores for a maximum score of 900 points for the season- see scale below. The highest scoring athletes at the end of the season will be invited to post season events (in the event that they happen).

PLACE POINT 1 100          11 24      21 10
SCALE:            2 80            12 22      22 9
                          3 60            13 20      23 8
                         4 50             14  18     24 7
                         5 45             15 16       25 6
                         6 40              16 15      26 5
                         7 36             17  14      27 4
                         8 32             18 13       28 3
                         9 29             19 12       29 2
                         10 26           20 11       30 1


Please note: This only applies to U16 and up athletes. The lower age groups will remain the same. Additionally, this only applies for the 2022 season.
If you choose to have your athlete participate in any out of state races this will not count towards their NJSRA points, and post season opportunities.
Out of state races will only affect your start position in future races.

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